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Walking between Art, History and Traditions, in Italy

Historical-cultural and “thematic” itineraries in the footsteps of artists or historical figures, in the symbolic places of Italian History. Stories, events, characters, anecdotes, art, archeology, architecture and curiosities about the civilization of peoples, told along its "roads". Everything is traditionally tailored by the professionals of iCREATOURS. Every itinerary is studied with passion, competence and seriousness towards the "fans of the past"!

Thematic tours, accompanied by qualified tourist guides, archaeologists, geologists, historians, anthropologists who offer technical-historical information to stimulate the imagination, immersing the "curious" in the environment described by History, Anthropology or Archeology. Walking, exploring, retracing the "places" that made history, or ... "simply dreaming". "Time travel" ... magnificent!

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